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Feeling tired, stressed, emotional, confused and generally out of sorts?

Would you like some healing and spiritual guidance?

- Be heard, nurtured and supported
- Gain insight and clarity
- Experience relaxation and healing

In this session Maria will utilise many of her skills as a Reiki Master, spiritual teacher, empath, channeler, counsellor, hypnotherapist and multi-dimensional and sound healer with over 19 years' experience in private practise in Australia and overseas. Maria will connect with you energetically working through the power of love, healing and higher wisdom.

"During my 'Transpersonal Healing' session Maria was able to scan my energy field, and body, detecting any blockages, clearing, tuning into 'deeper' issues and offering tools to continue working on specific areas/issues. It was a wonderful healing experience resulting in me feeling relaxed & energised. Maria's graceful, sensitive & gentle approach in offering guidance & yet powerfully so, working holistically, is truly remarkable. I was also filled with emotions & excitement when Maria as a 'medium' brought forth my mother (in spirit) & her messages to me. WITH MUCH GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION TO MARIA.

I would (as a healer myself), definitely recommend Maria to anyone wanting a 'Transpersonal, Wholistic Healing' beneficial in multi ways & with a result of empowerment" - Silvia

"Recently I found myself in need of extra assistance having developed ill health. Despite medical intervention, I still felt unbalanced and unwell. When Maria agreed to scan me and find the underlying issue, I was both excited and unsure how I could meet with her. However I did not need to worry because Maria offered me a phone consultation.

My session with Maria was an enjoyable experience due to her professional approach and simultaneous warmth. I felt safe and supported by Maria whilst she scanned me and my health, providing me with confirmation of my issues, their core history and a strategy towards my return to health. I was able to identify with her findings and knew she was on the right track.

Included in Maria’s care was a relaxing visualisation and healing techniques that resulted in an immediate reduction of pain and a greater sense of peace by the next morning. In true caring style, Maria even checked in with me a couple of days later.

I fully recommend Maria to anyone interested in healing from a holistic approach of body, mind and spirit. It will be well worth it." - Alex, Melbourne

"Maria helped me at a time that my energy was feeling depleted. I was feeling generally very low in myself, depressed and my energy felt scattered. Maria was able to do a healing over the phone for me and the experience was truly amazing. Instantly I was able to feel my energy levels shift. I felt more centred and grounded and the healing left me with an overall feeling of peacefulness which stayed with me for days. Maria is an incredible healer and works from a gentle space within her heart .. I would recommend her distant healing service to anyone who is unable to travel to see Maria personally." - Amy (WA)

"Maria, I don’t know how you do it, but after a short conversation on the phone, you were able to bring my mind and body back into balance without me even recognising that you were doing it. I had been struggling for days, I felt unbalanced, lacked concentration and could sense something was not right within my energy field but couldn’t put my finger on the cause. I had tried doing Reiki and meditation, used crystals, aura cleansing sprays and even had a salt bath to try and bring myself back into balance but nothing was working. Within minutes during our transpersonal energy healing session, everything become clear and I could feel the shift in my energy field, my scattered thought patterns ceased and I had clarity once more! It was immediate and truly amazing! Portal closed you said! So thankyou .. really don’:t know what I would do without you, and I’m so glad to know that you can do this over the phone … no visit even needed." - Sherree (Vic)

Transpersonal Healing Sessions are 1 hour - $170.
Appointments via phone, Zoom or Skype (outside Australia via Skype or Zoom).

Payment made via credit card and through PayPal or Direct Deposit.
Please contact Maria by email or phone 0403 126 435 to ask further questions about this service.

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