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Gain clarity and comfort, and feel the love and support of spiritual connection in your life.

For those new to my community I’m a spiritual teacher who has taught hundreds of students in spiritual development classes.

I’m a natural medium, psychic, channel and empath who has seen and conversed with spiritual beings all of my life.

"I am a client who has visited you twice over the past two years for your spiritual advice and guidance. On both occasions you have eased my mind, showed me kindness and helped me focus on the correct course of action relevant to my life at that particular time. Even though I consider myself a reasonably capable and confident person, we all need help at times. I think it is important to have a few "feel good" professionals at hand, who can provide a service which improves your health, provides growth and development or makes you feel better about yourself. You are one of those people and for that I thank you." - AM

"Maria is a great inspiration both as a spiritual teacher and a person. She has such a wonderful level of insight and wisdom and is always willing to share this knowledge with others in a humble and down to earth manner. Her friendship and guidance have been greatly appreciated by myself and my family" - Linda

"Maria has a genuine warmth and engaging energy about her. The insightful, yet practical advice she gave me, was delivered with both sensitivity and encouragement. I gained great peace of mind from our discussions and believe she is a truly gifted teacher" - DD

Spiritual Readings Ringwood North, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Spiritual Readings are 1 hour - $120aud

Appointments via phone, Zoom or Skype or in my consulting room within Australia (outside Australia via Skype or Zoom).

Maria LaceyPayment made via credit card and through PayPal or Direct Deposit.
Please contact Maria by email or phone 0403 126 435 to ask further questions about this service.

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