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Maria Lacey, Author One Path, Many Lights what a very special read it is. You know you've found a good book when you can't put it down!! Maria Lacey, someone I feel honoured to call my Reiki and Spiritual Teacher, business mentor and friend, has formed a delightfully honest, real and raw story of her own journey while sharing such powerful, inspirational and down-right MIND-BLOWING insight to her readers. Maria, it was refreshing to learn that you really are a human being with all of those anxieties and worries that we all have and yet you continue to empower those around you including myself with the lessons you have learned and the truth that love is. Congratulations on such a brilliant first publication Maria. I look forward to your next one. With love. Xx
- Bronte Spicer

I love her book. The raw honesty - beautifully written - I could not put this book down - a wonderful lady who gives so much of herself in her commitment of service to others - how Maria hid her painful past from others to give healing thru her passion as a professional is outstanding. I love the inspired channelling filled with thought provoking inspiration to help us to open our hearts to healing. A true healing book that I have filled with highlighting and scribbled notes to myself. Thank you Maria
– Carine B Woder

5.0 out of 5 stars. An inspiring, heartfelt book that I couldn't put down.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Beautifully written.

A beautifully written, well-composed story which was interesting to read, sad at times, and uplifting. I connected with the love which poured through the channelling and felt immensely calm, centred and peaceful after reading this book - Joanna Walsh, Children's Author - 6th August 2016

A great book I just couldn't put down until I had finished reading it. Written with such honesty, Maria's story is inspiring and heartfelt. Thank you Maria for sharing your life with us and showing everyone that embracing vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. Hope Healing - 17th July 2016

5.0 out of 5 stars. I love the way Maria engages with the reader - 15th January 2016

I love the way Maria engages with the reader. I felt like this could be about my life in parts. It is very real, honest and open, making me more aware that we are not alone in our struggles .. they may all be different and unique to us but there is a thread that connects us all. Maria has bravely taken many turns in her path, I thank her for sharing her story so far and look forward to the next instalment. Great read - Dianne Bateman, 15th January 2016

5.0 out of 5 stars. Her amazing transformation into a caring healer is very inspiring - 9th October 2015

Maria has an incredibly open, honest approach to her writing. Having read of the 'trials and tribulations' this gentle soul has gone through, then her amazing transformation into a caring healer is very inspiring. It has helped me understand my own struggles as well as showing me the benefits we receive when releasing our troubles to the universe with faith, hope and trust - Frances White - 9th October 2015
Maria Lacey, Ringwood North, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

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