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Maria Lacey, Reiki, Hypnotherapist Transform fear and doubt, align with your heart, stand in your power, know your worth and walk an enriching and intuitive path.

Join me on a journey. A journey of awakening your consciousness, opening your heart, expanding your mind, healing your body, and strengthening your Spirit. Your soul yearns for you to remember who you are, to feel empowered without having to overpower others, to give yourself permission to love yourself and be loved. Then challenge old belief systems holding you chained to the past and set healthy boundaries so you may realise your full potential.

You deserve peace, laughter, love and happiness. It's time to SHINE.

My passion and soul's purpose is to restore hope into the hearts of many, and I do this through inspiring people ready for transformation through deep healing, spiritual teachings, and psychological insight and written word.

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Maria Lacey, Ringwood North, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs